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Family Flex is an early education center located in the downtown Denver area that provides infants, toddlers, and preschool age children and families with quality education and convenience to help ease the demands of modern parenthood.

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At Family Flex, we want our students to develop healthy minds and bodies. As part of our philosophy of flexibility, we work with families who have children with allergies, dietary needs, or other health diagnoses. We have included the required doctor's forms on here as well as other general health information for families. For more information regarding health and forms, contact Heidi at

Physician's Forms

The General Health Appraisal needs to be filled out at every well check and a copy brought into Family Flex for our records. We also request a copy of immunizations as they are received.  

Immunization Information Letter from State of Colorado

Approved Immunization Record Form

For additional information:

In order to administer any medication at Family Flex, we require a "medication administration" form to be filled out by a physician. If your child is in need of medication for an allergy, asthma, or for any other reason, including the use of Advil/Tylenol, Nystatin, Pedialyte, Benadryl, Orajel, medicated lip balm, etc., you will need to have one of the following forms filled out by a physician:

For allergy medication

For asthma medication

For all other medications (both over the counter and prescription)

Please note that all medications must remain in their original packaging with a label of ingredients on it. If it is prescription medication, we require the prescription label as well.

Other Health Information

We have compiled a list of health resources for families to use and want to share this information with our families. Family Flex follows all of the recommendations stated below. 

Sun Safety and Protection for Young Children

Breast Milk Guidelines

Formula Guidelines

Illness: When to keep your child home from school

Car Seat Guidelines